We appreciate our golfers and since we do, we wanted to let you know of a few things we may do differently at our course before you visit...

  • Outside alcohol is strictly forbidden by Colorado State Law... we label our beer and remove players who bring it on with no raincheck or refund
  • No walking before 1pm on weekends during regular season - carts are required
  • We do not allow unpaid players on the course for insurance reasons... 
    • No one under the age of 18 is allowed to ride along, all juniors must have their own set of clubs and be a paid player
    • All riders must pay the cart fee
    • No one may walk along that is not playing
  • Every player must have their own set of clubs
  • All men must have sleeved shirts (t-shirts are fine)
  • Women must have collars on sleeveless shirts (no tank tops)
  • Appropriate golf footwear must be worn at all times